Paper Dolls and Expectations

When I was a little girl, one of my very favorite things was paper dolls. Oh, how I loved to cut (very carefully) along the hyphened sheets of clothing and hats and then dress my ‘doll’ for various events. 

I have previously blogged about my mother’s fashion design history. Whether it is genetics or environmental, I have an interest in clothing. Paper dolls, for a little girl with a clothing passion, is a dream come true.

I remember that my mother once made a hat for my Barbie from one of the cups in an egg carton. She carefully removed one of them and covered it in fabric. It fit Barbie’s head perfectly. I can see it still, orange and green tweed perched smartly on Barbie’s dark hair. 

I also remember, when I was a little girl, wondering if I would look like Barbie when I grew up. Now I am a big girl and still wondering.

If it is going to happen, I hope it kicks in soon.

When I last spent time with some of my cousins, I was talking with the oldest one in our group, Sandy, about paper dolls. She told me that she always loved them, too. She said she still has a box of paper dolls and now shares them with her granddaughters. 

A few days after we had been together, a large manila envelope arrived in my mailbox. Inside was this sheet of a paper doll. It was such a thrill to open the envelope and find it! 

The sheet is propped up on my desk and I see it every day while I work. I do not have the heart to cut out the clothes and the bow and the hat. It is much sweeter to look at and remember. 

Thank you, dear cousin Sandy, for such a thoughtful act of kindness. I love to discover a kindred fondness for something. 

And this little paper doll–well, put long dark hair on her and that, not Barbie, is more the picture of who I grew up to be.

Party tea and cupcakes, eyelet fabric and ribbons, and a straw hat and flowers. It’s all good.

Author: Rebecca Hendrixson

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