Following last week’s two day work conference, the team went out to celebrate. Someone came up with the idea of going to a place with karaoke. It had been a long day and I was ready to go home, but for team/solidarity/thank-you-from-the-boss kind of deal, I went. I confess that I have always wanted to try karaoke.

We ate pub grub of chicken wings and fried pickles and potato skins. Good stuff. Around 8:30, the karaoke was open for business. A glass of wine (or two) may have helped create bravery in some of my teammates. They went after karaoke like dogs after beef. It was quite entertaining, actually. Two of my women friends talked me into getting up there with them. One of them chose the song. It was “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. I like Carly Simon but I dislike 70’s music. I much prefer 60’s and 80’s. But It was fun. We were like The Supremes up there. If I had not been with a work group or even better, known no one in the room, I would have gone all Shania Twain/Gloria Estefan/Sara Evans on them. Another time.

Today I was driving and singing along with Alison Krauss “When You Say Nothing At All”. Another one for the list. I thought about that night at Eli’s. It’s interesting how much fun people can have away from work. Some of these women are not close friends in “real life” but on a night of release and celebration and perhaps a sip or two of Chardonnay, there is laughter and hugging and good non-work conversation. How nice it would be if we could learn to relax and have some laughs and hugs on an ordinary day of the week. Perhaps we should have casual/karaoke Friday. I will bring it up at next staff meeting.

Author: Rebecca Hendrixson

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2 thoughts on “Karaoke”

  1. A night that I will not soon forget! The love, encouragement, and just plain ol’ fun was wonderful and much needed after a stressful few days. Next time (there definitely needs to be a next time!) I will “go all Shania Twain/Gloria Estefan/Sara Evans on them” with you. Just let me know which songs we’ll be singing in advance so I can practice in the shower and in rush hour traffic 😉

    Your karaoke partner & friend,


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