Faux Fur Friday

Yep, it’s a real national holiday. The first Friday in December. Faux Fur Friday. I assume it is the antithesis of Real Fur Friday. This is non-issue for me since I have never owned a real fur.

When I was a little girl I wanted to wear one. I thought it was completely luxurious to have a mink stole (though I never really knew what that was.)

My dad would occasionally hunt rabbits and squirrels. I remember desperately wanting him to use those skins to make me a little fur jacket. That didn’t happen. We just ate the varmints. I once considered finding the skins myself and tossing one around my neck like a sophisticated boa. I’m guessing a couple of days of that thing sitting in my dresser drawer would have become quite unpleasant.

I feel that I was more enamored with a fur coat when I was not 60 years old. Some of those things are cool when you are 40 or even 50 but something about being 60 years old wearing a fur coat just makes you look 60. I want no part of that.

Though, I have my eye on a full length gray chinchilla fur coat with a shawl collar. Apparently it is the creme de la creme. I found one on sale for $27,000.

I’ll probably just stick with my J. Crew factory outlet faux fur edged hooded coat I found last year at end of season for $39.00. Dang.


Author: Rebecca Hendrixson

Hello, I'm Rebecca. I am a wife and mother and freelance writer. I love to share honest thoughts, anecdotes, incidents and encouragement. I am documenting my one year of being 60 years old. Join me on the journey. And please leave comments or send me an email. I will respond. We are all in this together. Come be my comrade.

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