A Birthday

Today is the birthday of my brother, Stephen. He was two years older than me. Steve passed away in July, 2000, after being hit while crossing a busy highway, on a shortcut home.

Steve was sweet and kind and quiet and had great dimples in each cheek. He had a good heart; always ready to help a family member or friend. He had a gentle spirit.

For many years, Mama and I would take flowers to a spot near the highway where someone had placed a white wooden cross. That was always difficult. We stopped doing that a few years ago, in part because it was dangerous to park at the side of the highway, but also because it was too hard on Mama.

We now only go to his grave on Memorial Day weekend and place flowers there. We did not do that this year on Memorial Day. Mama doesn’t mention it anymore. I am going to assume that the dementia has softened and dulled that part of her memory. It is easier to believe that. Mostly the dementia is cruel but occasionally the dementia is kind.

It has been over 17 years since his death. Most of the time, I go on day to day without too much thought of him. But today I will think of you, my brother. I will pray God’s great grace and mercy upon us all and ask Him to please give you a special warm smile on this, your day.

Author: Rebecca Hendrixson

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